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i had a hard time deciding what to call my blog.  my first thought was little epiphanies…and it ended up being my last thought, kind of.  i think “little epiphanies” is me…but i was concerned that it implied my blog would be serious all the time…which it won’t be.  i just want a way to share and connect.  i have thought of a few more since then…i really like “i should start a blog”.  one title makes me uncomfortable.  it makes me feel boxed in.  i guess that’s how i have felt in life too.  i fit in a lot of different “boxes” or “titles” but there is not one that defines me.  i’m going to stick with little epiphanies for now…i felt better when i found out i can always change it.

the same is true about me.  i am always changing…evolving.  i remember having the “what would you call your autobiography” conversation with my cathy almost 30 years ago.  she came up with “the care and feeding of mahry”.  that really fit at the time.  it was about basic survival…and figuring out how to take care of me.  i’ve had this conversation many times throughout the years.  at one point i felt i would call my autobiography “this isn’t my life”.  for a while now it has been “little epiphanies”.  i wonder what it will be next?  maybe “i should write an autobiography”.   i was having a great conversation about politics with my friend ellen and i came up with another great book title, “i don’t know if i’m right, but i know you’re wrong”.  i should write that book.   : )

here is one of the best titles i’ve seen in a long time…because sometimes, you have to laugh.


my son quincy was drinking pop today and asked me if bubbles make shadows.  brilliant question from a brilliant kid.  we talked about that a bit.  he got quiet and then said, “do bubbles make shadows. that would make a great book title”.  my boy.

what would your autobiography or book be called?  why?

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i have been thinking about writing a blog for some time now.  oddly enough, i find myself a bit apprehensive.  i am a very honest person, very upfront.  i find myself at this point in my life questioning, well, pretty much everything.   should i be so honest?  should i be so upfront?  i have been hurt by sharing who i am with others, but i have also made connections…helped people…helped myself.   so this is where i am starting from, where i often start from, full of questions.

i have done a lot of “work” on myself…to learn, to heal, to grow, to understand, to explore, to find peace.  i used to think that after years of “work”, i would one day have a huge epiphany and be at peace…reach full self actualization.  i would be “done”.  then a few years back i realized i was having little epiphanies…that i had been having them all along and that there probably wouldn’t be a “big” epiphany.  i can see the shifts my little epiphanies have had on my perceptions, and for that i am very grateful.   so that’s what i think it’s all about…little epiphanies.  it’s these small shifts or small changes in perception that have made all the difference… i’m nowhere near where i started from…or where i’ll end.

i want to dedicate my first post to my friend diana.    getting to know her and reading her blog have inspired me to finally start my blog.

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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