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about ten years ago i had an idea…i decided i wanted to put on a wall in my home portraits of people who had made a difference in the world.  some would be well known people, others not so well know…but what they would have in common is that they let their own unique light shine and changed the world for the better.  i wanted to remind myself, and my children, of the difference we can make in the world…that we are here to live our own lives and in being brave enough to do that, we can affect and help so many others.   i think i will start to post about some of those people here, the first being victor frankl.

i am in awe of victor frankl…his bravery, compassion, insight, brilliance, humor…his love of life…when i listened to this little clip of him explaining some of his ideas,  i was inspired and reminded that what was in him is in all of us…we all are capable of doing “great” things, whether it’s being kind to each other or writing brilliant books…we all have the capability to connect with each other and make the world a better place.

in this clip victor frankl states:

“…if you presuppose in this man…if in this so called criminal, or juvenile delinquent or drug abuser and so forth there must be a spark of search for meaning…let’s recognize this.  let’s presuppose it and then you will illicit it from him.  you will make him become what he in principal is capable of becoming.”

i think what he says in this clip is true.  when i worked in chicago with kids with severe behavior disorders…which were usually the result of severe abuse and neglect… i would give certain children responsibilities that others would never dream of giving them because they thought the child was “bad”…and pretty much every single time i did that, the child would fulfill my “good” expectation of them.  they were able to control their behavior and really follow through with the task…and you could see on their face how proud they were of themselves…how special they felt.  perhaps it was the first time someone believed in them or trusted them, i’m not sure, but expecting the best of them was almost always a great experience for them and for me. we all need people who believe in us…sometimes it’s the boost we need to help us start to believe in ourselves.

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